I climb because…

“What got you into climbing? Why do you climb?”

Different people have very different answers to these questions. I haven’t heard a bad answer yet: to socialize, to lose weight, to be challenged physically or mentally, to get stronger, to have fun…


The awesome part of climbing is that it provides all of these things and more. I’ve never been apart of a (fantastic) community that involves socializing as much as rock climbing (most of the time it feels like you spend 1/3rd of the time on the wall and 2/3rds of the time sitting around talking about climbing and non-climbing things). I’ve met awesome people through climbing, including some of my best friends. I have lost weight and gotten stronger due to climbing. There are endless amounts of challenging routes to climb, and when you finally get one of those challenging routes “clean” (without any falls) it feels like floating on cloud nine: pure euphoria.


Regardless of your reason, get up, put your shoes on, and go climb!


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