Risk and Reward

At my job, I have to start off with the scary things first: climbing is inherently dangerous.

On the everyday end, you could end up with scrapes and bruises. On the extreme end, you could end up dead. After you have been climbing
for awhile, it is more likely you will end up somewhere in the middle: sprained ankle or popped tendon, anyone?


This website is supposed to be informative but by no means all encompassing. Therefore, please climb with people that are knowledgeable and trustworthy–people you would trust your life with in a climbing situation. This is your warning: you climb at your own risk. Please do so carefully and fully aware of the consequences.

While you should be aware of the risks that come with climbing, please do not let these risks deter you from trying climbing. While the activity is “inherently dangerous”, the activity is largely about managing risk–just like driving or swimming in the ocean.

Be smart, stay alert, and go climb something! 🙂


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